As the title of this blog indicates, books are pretty important to me. My favorite thing to do in all the world is to snuggle up with a good book and disappear to places made of words. I grew up on a small island in northern Norway, on the edge of the world. So books were mybest means of travel to other places. Although I have later had the chance to live in other spots on our planet (I have studied in Scotland and I am currently living in Belgium, so okey I have not traveled far) and need not solely rely on pages to take me to new exciting locations, my love of books has remained. I am always reading, always looking for new books and I always want to talk about everything book related. As you can imagine, my constant wish to recommend and discuss stories can be rather annoying for people around me. So this blog will be the outlet for my impressions, thoughts on the stuff I read.

My home island

I am a pretty omnivorous reader; historical, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction, crime, fantasy, romance, I devour them all. But historical fiction and fantasy are probably my book-meals of choice. In my daily life I am a student of English linguistics.

I hope my posts might be helpful to you, fellow readers, when picking your next book. I give my honest opinion about the books I come across and please fill free to agree/disagree with what I write; because I am always happy to talk about a book!