Rating criteria

Absolutely brilliant
The book could not be better! It stands out from the crowd of publications out there and could not be improved upon in any way (plot, language, structure). I will keep coming back to it for months, because it is the ultimate reading experience.

The book is really great! It has quality writing, an exciting plot, interesting/fun characters and a thought through structure. The author has succeeded in writing something very good. All the story’s components work, but it is not outstanding.

Over all the book is good. It is a nice read and enjoyable. There are probably some parts that I enjoyed more than others and there are elements that could be improved upon (e.g. characters, plot, structure, prose), but it is a perfectly good book.

It is just bad… So many things do not work here! Perhaps there are some good bits or some not so poor writing, but the problems gape out at you! My reading experience was totally ruined. Cannot be bothered to keep the book even.

Utter shit
As bad as it gets!! Reading this was a waste of time and money, and it cannot even be called a book. Thankful these ‘books’ are few and far between.